4 Things to know About Rental Car Coverage

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4 Things to know About Rental Car Coverage – Decades ago, having a car is still part of modern American lifestyle but it may no longer the same these days. Many people, especially those living in big cities, think that having a car is no longer relevant with better public transportation infrastructure available.

It would be more practical to use subway or other mass transports rather than stuck in road traffic and don’t forget, you don’t need to pay for tax and car maintenance. However, there will be a time when you need to rent a car like when you are traveling for vacation and the place where you’re coming doesn’t have proper public infrastructure.

Renting a car would be a good option when you want to explore certain area. You can plan flexible schedule and the destination. There are many car rental services to find so it won’t be difficult to get a car to rent. There will be many options including types of car, rental terms and conditions, as well as the rental rate.

It is for sure you are looking for the most affordable rate with good services. But there’s one thing that is also as important; the insurance coverage. It is very important to have proper coverage to make sure you won’t be financially burdened in case something bad happens.

Unless the rental car is covered with insurance, you will be responsible to any damage or loss when the car is in your possession. This is the reason you need to consider to buy car rental insurance policy as protection.

Car rental insurance is a specific policy provides protection when you rent a car. There are important things about types of car rental insurance you need to know and there are:

4 Things to know About Rental Car Coverage

Loss Damage Waiver

It is also known as collision damage waiver. This policy will cover repair cost of damaged car after collision. The total amount of coverage can be different from one policy to another. It is important you check with the insurance provider to get the right coverage based on actual needs.

Liability Coverage

This policy is very important to give you protection from liabilities in case you are negligence for the accident. It can cover victims’ medical expenses or property damages.

Personal Injury Coverage

In case of road accident, you and other passengers of the car can be injured. This policy will cover medical expenses caused by the accident. In case your health insurance covers personal injury, you may not need this policy.

Personal Effects Coverage

It is the protection to cover lost or damaged personal belongings inside the rented car caused by theft or accident. If you plan to bring valuable things such as electronics or jewelries, this policy will be really useful.

One thing you need to understand is that those types of coverage listed above are supplemental to existing car insurance policy so you will only need to buy additional protection.

But for someone who doesn’t have a car, thus doesn’t have car insurance policy, you need to discuss it with the insurance provider to get the right product that meets you actual need.


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