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About Us – Coinesia.net is an online medium for sharing knowledge and information about Bitcoin, Forex and cryptocurrency. It was first established in March 2017. The hope, in order to be a source of information as well as a reference to the addition of useful knowledge, is related to Bitcoin, Forex, cryptocurrency and the technology that surrounds it.

Entire content on the site Coinesia.net include initial knowledge about Bitcoin and Forex, Bitcoin and Forex history discussions, cryptocurrency, basic concepts, work processes discussed in several sections, to know bitcoin and forex mining, tutorials, as well as information on bitcoin and forex development. As well as many other things that still relate to Bitcoin, Forx and the world of cryptocurrency.

References to the content contained in the site Coinesia.net, also obtained from many other sites, with no violation of existing provisions, and maybe in the writing can not be mentioned one by one.

Of course, there will always be a disadvantage both in the delivery and other things on the Coinesia.net website. Any suggestions and criticism, would be quite useful for the Coinesia.net. Readers can send it on the contact form provided.