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5 Bitcoin Remittance Startups That Won’t Let the Cryptocurrency Die – Bitcoin has become one of popular topic these days. Many people see it as the future currency, where we wouldn’t need to use any physical money. However, there are also many opinions that say Bitcoin will reach its end.

Even though there are many opinions about this digital money, there are many proofs that Bitcoin will stay around for longer time. We can see from many Bitcoin Remittance Startups that still run finely these days. Here are some of them.

5 Bitcoin Remittance Startups That Won’t Let the Cryptocurrency Die

Bitcoin Remittance Startups Abra

Abra this company provides money transfer service. They use application that optimizes the P2P system to do this. By using this app, this company client can transfer real cash to be converted into digital cash through Abra Teller debit card.

And, with this digital debit card, client can use the digital money, which is Bitcoin to buy anything that they like, as long the vendor receive this kind of transaction.

Bitcoin Remittance Startups Align Commerce

Align Commerce this company optimizes the usage of Blockchain. Blockchain itself is like a digital wallet that you can use to keep your Bitcoin. With the help from this company, business or individual client can easily transfer the money faster.

And, because this company uses Blockchain, the process will be able to finish faster and smoother than other similar service. More than that, this method is also lot cheaper than other money transfer method.

Bitcoin Remittance Startups Bit2Me

Bit2Me this company provides one of the most innovative services for their client. With the help from this company, their client can change their Bitcoin into real cash. And, the great thing is they can use ATM to get the money. This company service can be used in 10,000 ATM you can find around the world.

Bitcoin Remittance Startups Bitspark

Bitspark this is the pioneer of the Blockchain usage for their Bitcoin service. They provide this service for APAC region, where client can get complete remittance service. Client can use this service for trading and many other activities.

Bitcoin Remittance Startups Beam Remit

Beam Remit this company has sole mission for Ghana and Nigeria. Their service allows people in both countries to make online transaction or financial activities easily. This remittance service is also the cheapest among all, thanks to Bitcoin technology.

Actually, there are many more companies that use Bitcoin technology to run their business. And, if you are looking at those companies, there are many possibilities that we can get by using Bitcoin.

But, one thing for sure, Bitcoin can make everything easier. Now, we just need to find good way to place this digital currency into the current financial system, and maximize its benefits.


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