Does Car Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

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Does Car Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?– The storm season has come to disastrous. You must be prepared to face this disaster. Maybe you will ask about car insurance that covers the damage from severe storms. You should pay attention to this coverage before buying car insurance because the storm will cause heavy damage to your car.

You need to know the overall coverage that can provide repair costs for your car. The storm not only makes your car become damaged but also removes your car. The research institute said that this year’s hurricane season would be even greater than last year. Car drivers should be prepared for all conditions. Collisions can provide a solution for you.

The coverage is your car is bypassed or hit by another object. If a storm makes another object hit your car, then you can make a collision claim. Vehicle damage caused by tropical storms and typhoons comes from water and the wind. This causes your car to be included in a comprehensive coverage.

Coverage on the insurance is a car that was damaged due to hail, fire, glass damage, theft, floods, high winds, and so forth. If your car is turned upside down due to strong winds, then the insurance will replace the damage. The annual fee for collision insurance is $ 297. The annual fee for comprehensive coverage is $ 139.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage
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Car Insurance with Storm Damage

Car insurance policies only cover the minimum cost. This will not help when your car is carried by a strong wind or a tree. The flood will seep into your car. This is due to physical injury and property damage only to give compensation to others. Insurance does not provide protection for your car.

Buy the Coverage

The National Hurricane Center says that storm warnings have been issued for certain areas. This warning will be issued when the storm occurs within 36 hours. You need this information to know the storm has reached your area. If you want to buy coverage, then you should do this before the warning occurs. If you do not do so, the insurance company will make changes during the storm.

The Important Information

Car insurance companies will set limits on temporary binding in storm areas. These restrictions vary so you can choose the insurance company. The insurance does not accept the addition of physical damage and other things. The restrictions will be made when the area goes into a storm warning. Warning expires in 72 hours.

If your car insurance ends in hurricane season, then you should buy insurance again with the new policy. If you want to buy a new car, then you should not buy the car during the hurricane season. You can try the application to know the weather conditions and the area affected by the storm. If your vehicle is damaged after a storm, then you should take a picture of your vehicle and contact the insurance company.

You must file a claim quickly to resolve the loss. You can take simple steps to reduce your losses. You can close the window and install a protector in your car. If you do not take precautions, the insurer can refuse your claim because you did not take such precautions.


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