How to Be Consistently Profitable in Forex Trading

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How to Be Consistently Profitable in Forex Trading – Want to know how forex trading to profit consistently? Basically get gains or profits on a consistent basis could be done, as long as we apply the strategies we’ve mastered very well! for some specific cases of psychological level traders also largely determine! but the largest portion in achieving profit consistently is, simply because good strategy! This means that forex trading strategies is very influential in terms of consistency.

You may believe it or not that strategies that effect is very large, it will be back again on the experience each trader! But if it is for me personally, the forex trading strategy is very influential, for example (personal opinion) scalping, news trading, price action and etc. will not be powerful! or very hard to achieve a level of consistency that is in want, by using these strategies!

There are several reasons why it has happened! but 99% of strategies that rely on a technical, or short term! will definitely messed up team if any economic news that has high impact! in other words, when we’re trading, most of the strategies will be garbled, if any economic news! and unfortunately, that economic news will always be each day from each different country! and unfortunately the economic news is so related to one currency with others!

How to Be Consistently Profitable in Forex Trading
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For example, USD retail sales, experienced a decline! somehow CAD Canadian dollar prices or sudden join mired! the reason is simple, because the American market have an impact on the economy of Canada! and crazy as again Canada related to Europe! WTF yeah right;) kwakwkkawkw! so if I give the details we certainly giddy, and the best alternative is to avoid the news, or do not exist at the time of trading economic news is important!

Indeed it is not an easy matter, because sometimes there is no economic news on the spread the word! and there is also a type of economic news that have an effect some time before! for example, the announcement of GDP, believe or not believe, the GDP news later that night, this morning we are trading, currencies are linked surely increase or having enough spirit! for some special cases, these currencies against the TREND! This nih kwkawkawk;) that sucks! In short, as long as the strategy that we choose are still affected by economic news, believe it not believe!y ou will be nervous when the main forex, trust me! unless you have the mental level of the gods! another story is that Yes! or maybe it’s like this, you just got the legacy 1 trillion, then you forex trading a hundred million! I am sure you must have had the mental armor! because if you lose 100 million, there is still 999 billion.

In the forex business, psychological distress is very influential! so in the previous article I once said, if you want to do forex trading debt ever! or capital minjem! that’s bad business! Surely you are going to lose because of depressed! so, the big questions is! What strategy is not influenced by economic news? good question, the answer is no in my other articles.


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