Financial advisor Salary Information

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Financial advisor Salary Information – Along with the increase of people’s needs in managing their finance more wisely, financial advisor becomes one of the most promising jobs nowadays. Of course, it is not something nonsense. In fact, based on the surveys done worldwide, this job is ranked on number 8 as the best business job. So, what are the definitions and job desks of financial advisors?

The Definition of Financial Advisor

Financial advisor can be defined as a professional worker or businessman who helps others personally and professionally to implement and fulfill the long-term financial needs. in short, when you have a kind of financial problems, you can go to them and find the solutions. Surely, it is not only when the problem is in front of you. This professional can also help you to make a financial plan even when you don’t have any problem at all.

For the second service, it can be explained as follow. Now, you may have three children with range of age between 3 to 8 years old. Maybe, you still don’t spend too much money currently since they are still too young. However, a decade later, you must solve this. The education fees must be higher and there will also be a chance that you or your spouse has been retired. Well, so that your children can still have good life and education, planning your finance in the best way starting from now is a must. Since you may not have enough knowledge for this, hiring an advisor is necessary.

Financial advisor Salary Information

Private vs. Company Financial Advisors

Many advisors are working under certain companies. The easiest examples of companies that hire advisors are banks, finance, and insurance companies. Actually, you can still find their helps to deal with your financial matters. But of course, those advisors must have their own intention. It is so that you as the customers want to buy their products make loans, and more. Therefore, if this is not what you intend, you should avoid them.

On the other hand, there are also financial advisors that make their own offices and agencies. Such advisors are more recommended if your intention is purely for asking for help, not something else. Professional and famous advisors may require you to pay more. But if it is beneficial, it is worthy for sure.

The Salary Information of Financial Advisors

There is saying that any job related to the money must have bigger salary also. Although it is not necessarily true, it is in line with what financial advisors find. The average annual salary of this job in US is around $90,000. Interestingly, 75% of them even can obtain over $160,000 per year. Then, the other 25% find around $57,000. Actually, this fact is reasonable enough. Even the private advisors tend to have customers from the realms of upper class. Meanwhile, the advisors working under the companies have their own regular fees plus incentive. It is still often added by the tips from customers.

It is clear that financial advisor is a promising job. Are you interested to be one of them?


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