How to Earn Money on YouTube: 5 Steps

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How to Earn Money on YouTube: 5 Steps – Finding money or generate dollars through youtube is already not a secret anymore. Already many of those who have proven efficacy in the Youtube site to make money. These tips are very interesting to discuss further considering that the trend uploaded via youtube video in the world today is so popular and was able to bring people into an impromptu celebrity like Justin Bieber. Or maybe you’ve heard the name PewDiePie only with gaming hobby he is able to generate millions of dollars per year just from Youtube

But the main purpose of this article is not the way how to be artists youtube, but to seek money through the videos that you upload on youtube … !! Yes … maybe some of you have heard stories about people who successfully make money online via youtube where income can be said very passable. You also can generate thousands of dollars in youtube with a few key secrets that I will review here. Maybe not so SECRET … but not hurt you to see the guide to earn with the following youtube ads.

How to Earn Money on YouTube 5 Steps

Video Anything Can Be Making Money .. ??

  • It’s up to you (hobbies, tips and tricks, tutorials or events around you)
  • Suggested unique and able to attract the attention of the audience.

Are there certain conditions to make money through advertising Youtube .. ??

  • Videos must be original of our own making without snagging copyright.
  • Video titles should correspond with the contents (no tiitle spam)
  • Wanted people and helpful.

Tips to Make Money through VIDEO youtube:

1. Make a channel or Private channel

Make your own channel on youtube makes you more flexibility in terms of managing both the video upload, remove (delete) and others. Creating a YouTube account has now become one package with Google Mail (email google) google google drive and other applications.

  • Please sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Add a particular keyword to facilitate audience in discovering your channel.
  • Make sure you create a keyword relevant to your video content to publish.
  • Use the channel name that is easy to remember and friendly.

2. Adding content / video in your account.

It’s time you upload a video to youtube account that has been created. Try to create a quality video and not too long but accurate in terms of delivery. Here are some tips for you before uploading videos to youtube:

  • Try¬†before upload total size scaled / compress in order to become faster upload process (I will discuss in the next article)
  • Improving the quality of video content with better equipment like cameras, editing software and others.
  • Upload your video to consistently continue to build customer trust your line of what you have created.
  • Make sure you leave a video with keywords that are able to explain the content and descriptions readable by penonton.Hal would be devastating to the search results of people finding your video.

3. Many in the audience a lot of MONEY.

Look pentonton as much as possible to maximize advertising revenue pentonton anda.Anda need to monetize the videos you create. How .. ?? There are no secrets here gan .. !! one of the most powerful way to increase your audience is simply to make your best content and automatically they will come by itself.

  • Consistent upload a video to keep them hooked with the video that you create.
  • Look for youtube customers as much as possible because they’re a good partner to generate money from your videos.
  • Do not forget to keep socialize or respond to comments from your customers creates a stronger community ties.

4. Monetizing your video.

At this point you have to be registered to the YOUTUBE video for the money as much as possible. Here you are required to perform activation Monetization which means you are giving permission YouTube to place ads on your video. With this you also acknowledge that there are in your video Copyright.

5. Share Your Video in Social Media or Blog.

Do not let your video on youtube idle. Use Embedding feature to maximize wiews on your video such as share them via Facebook, Twitter or in the form of articles in blogs, websites and even though the Forum.

A few articles about How to make money on Youtube that has become a trend today in the world of internet marketing as a new way to produce rupiah in the realm of the Maya. Keep trying and good luck.


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