How to solve Bitcoin Blockchain Error

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How to solve Bitcoin Blockchain Error – Blockchain can be said as the wallet where you keep Bitcoin. However, because this wallet was made as open source wallet, there are many people can access it.

Therefore, there is many times where we experience some of problem or Bitcoin Blockchain Error. Of course, it can be big problem, if the problem will disturb your Bitcoin transaction. One of the serious problems that can occur is Blockchain Bloat.

What is Blockchain Bloat?

Blockchain space where we can keep Bitcoin was made in limited size. Therefore, do not think that it has unlimited space to keep any amount of Bitcoin.

There is limit and the amount of transaction is passing that limit, this error status will came up. When Blockchain Bloat appears, the transaction that it can handle will be slowed down.

This will make you lose lot of money and profit that you should get in normal condition. More than that, there is also application that use Blockchain for their purpose.

The worst thing, these applications isn’t related with cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. This will add more weight on Blockchain.

The Solutions solve Bitcoin Blockchain Error

There are actually two solutions that you can use. Here they are:

How to solve Bitcoin Blockchain Error


First solution is modifying hardware. You need to upgrade your software, so it will be able to deal with the high traffic transaction in digital currency world. Or, you also can use cloud server service to solve this problem.

There are many companies that can help you, such as Storj Inc. The other method that is related to hardware is creating decentralizing computer system. By sharing it in several computers, you will be able to handle the transaction.


Or, you also can use software. There are many of them, such as Factom. This software will automatically collect all data that isn’t related to Bitcoin in Blockchain and place it in other place. By doing this, the Blockchain will be relieved. And, the error can be prevented and minimized.

However, if you have to choose the best method to solve Bitcoin Blockchain error, it would be the decentralize method. This method is much cheaper and it will ensure that the Blockchain get enough space and power to operate its transaction inside it.

That way the problem is solved and you can use the Bitcoin without problem. With this method, you don’t need to worry anymore about error that can occur on your Blockchain.


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