Useful Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon

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Useful Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon – Are you looking for Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon? Started off as an online bookstore, Amazon has now transformed to one of the biggest online retailer across the globe. Its popularity undoubtedly presents numerous opportunities for sellers wanting to earn a living. Various reports found that compared to eBay, four times as many online sellers on Amazon make a million in sales.

Amazon records at least an amount of 88,000-dollars is spent on the website every minute. No wonder many online sellers flock to the website to try their luck. However, selling items online has a degree of difficulties that many new sellers fail to notice in the beginning. Here, we are going to give you a few tips on how to increase your sales on this incredible website.

Useful Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon
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Get as much positive reviews as possible

No one can deny the power of positive customer reviews. Statistics show that more than 88-percent of customers rely on informations obtained from online reviews. To many customers, reviews are the equal of personal recommendations, which is why they are more effective than advertisements. With that being said, get as much reviews as possible.

This may seem like a simple step. But the fact that as much as 90-percent of buyers on Amazon skip giving feedbacks because of different reasons. Amazon always stresses the importance of seller performance and initiative. For that reason, we recommend using a third-party program such as Feedback Five to help eradicate negative and neutral comments. While at the same time, increase the volume of submitted feedbacks.

Improve your SEO

Amazon may make price and sellers’ rating its main focus. But many of us are unaware of the fact that Amazon also pays attention to keywords used in the title of a product in order to rank listings. Its keyword stuffing title option is a tactic that is used by SEO agencies when attempting to improve Google rankings back in the day.

Include as many keywords as you possibly can in order to guarantee the visibility of your product. You are given 500-character limit to use in the title of your product. Not sure how to guarantee its SEO efficiency? Use applications such as Amazon Keyword Tool to create the most popular long-tail keywords. The program uses Autocomplete Service used by Amazon, thus its reliability is not to be questioned.

Start advertising

Next on the Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon is, undoubtedly, the importance of starting an advertisement. It does not matter whether you are just starting out or you are trying to reach more prospective customers. By trying out Amazon sponsored products, your products will be displayed right on the detail pages or below the search results.

Give away and discounts

This may seem counterproductive being an online seller. However, there is always a time for give-away and discounts. Giving out significant discounts and deals on a daily basis may very well reward you on the highest rank of said product category. By being featured on “New and Noteworthy” and “Hot Deals” categories, you will undoubtedly be rewarded with large amounts of traffic. Go ahead and follow these Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon now!


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