Indian Bitcoin Startups 2017

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Indian Bitcoin Startups – Being the Indian Bitcoin Startups is not something difficult. Of course, if you live in India or some other countries around, joining this trading is a good alternative to gain money. Despite the way of trading which is quite easy, the possibility to gain the profit is also really high.

The main principle of joining Bitcoin is actually just similar to when you play with two or more money currencies. You can buy the bitcoin when the cost is lowered. Meanwhile, when the price is getting increased, you can sell it. This is the way you gain the profit then. Practically, the way Bitcoin works is not that simple.

There are so many steps in the process as well. Rather than thinking Bitcoin as an online trading with one main company, it uses the principle of peer to peer. Meanwhile, there are two main ways if you want to join the transaction; it is by buying and mining.

The Problems of Bitcoin Startups

When we talk about the practice of Bitcoin in the real life, it is actually still in the stage of testing. It means that it is still not officially operated. The number of user itself is also still really few compared to other online trading. Despite that it is basically still a new way, more than that, the way it works is also still under many pros and cons.

Indian Bitcoin Startups

Well, it is particularly when the Bitcoin is being related to the banks. The banks are generally still rejecting the presence of Bitcoin for many reasons. One of the reasons is about the fact that it is not under the rule or policy of government. It is basically the principle of the Bitcoin developer itself.

It is stated that the government doesn’t have any right to control or monitor the virtual trading. In one view, it is indeed more beneficial for the members. However, if we take a look at another point of view, this policy tends to make the trading activity more risky. This is the main reason why, many banks are not interested or not cooperative with the Bitcoin Startups.

The India Bitcoin Startups

Similar to the banks in other countries, many of the banks of India tend not to be cooperative or allowing the customers to do the trading via real bank. Interestingly, few of them are interested to give such a service to the customers by seeing the many good chances related to the Bitcoin’s profit.


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