The Top 20 Forex Brokers Regulated In The World 2017

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The Top 20 Forex Brokers Regulated In The World USA, Germany, Australia, UK – Want to know the best forex Brokers list and trusted in the world? Before I’ve often write and give you tips on choosing the best broker! so I hope you already know quite a bit about how to choose a good broker that’s like what and how! in the article this time I will give some of the list and the name of the broker! It’s not going to change much from the previous article, but I will try adding some brokers might be able to be trusted your broker! especially if you are using a strategy swap! no doubt you will need more than one broker!

Basically chose the best and trusted broker is not difficult! the first is because the best broker itself, no! But the most important is reliable! We don’t have to trade with a broker is the best! but trading with a trusted broker is obligated to his law, and to find out if the broker can believe it or not, the trick is very easy! that is already in the regulation by Association of finance! for example, the NFA Bappebti, FSA, ASIC, etc and etc. If brokers we choose has become the Association members! It’s almost able to ascertain, that the broker can believe!

Why Brokers who have become members of the Association of finance and already in the regulation can be believed? well, the answer is simple! become a member it’s free, it takes no great cost and also an amount of money as a guarantee or insurance if there is something that is not in the desire. That means the broker is really serious in the forex business is, or at least they won’t be kind of sorts with your money. because if something happens, you can easily report them to the Association and not a few brokers who have been in the follow-up by the Association. Even one of the world’s largest broker had never been exposed to the case! call it the FXCM, Alpari, and so on.

The Top 20 Forex Brokers Regulated In The World 2017
Forex Brokers Regulated

But the bottom line is, if a broker who’s been in regulation range of sorts or committing fraud, they can follow up by the Association. and the Association will enforce up about your case. Indeed for suing a case need more than one case, but at least if the broker is much harm others they will have trouble, and if it is proven, you will be given the money to replace the actions of these brokers delinquency. OK, to save time I will simply give a few names list broker with his regulation below.

Regulation Of The Bafin (Germany)

  • BanX
  • VarenGold

Regulation of NFA and CFTC (USA)

  • Interactive Brokers
  • ATC Brokers
  • Advanced Markets
  • Fast Brokers
  • RCG

Regulation Of ASIC (Australia)

  • IronFX
  • XForex
  • ThinkMarkets
  • IkonGroup
  • VantageFX

FCA Regulation (UK)

  • PriceMarkets
  • TeraFX
  • Activtrades
  • Interactivebrokers
  • IronFXGlobal

Note: due to time limitations, I could just add the name of the broker above. But I will try to add another broker’s name if it is in a sense is necessary especially for the Association of regulators outside the State that I mentioned, for example, Cyprus, New Zealand, Russia and others.


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